Section 17(1).


The Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 (NI 22)

1.  In Article 2(2) (interpretation)—

(a)in the definition of “licence”, after the word “Articles” insert “57A, 57B,”;

(b)in the definition of “licensed premises”, after “55,” insert “57A, 57B,”.

2.  In Article 34(1) (register of licences), after sub-paragraph (h) insert—

(ha)particulars of any conviction of the licence holder of any offence under this Order and of any penalty points endorsed on the licence or any suspension order made in consequence of the conviction;.

3.  In Article 58(11) (young persons prohibited from certain premises), for “(7)” substitute “(8)”.

4.  For Article 76(2) (appeals against suspension of licence, etc.) substitute—

(2) When on conviction of an offence a licence is suspended the suspension shall not take effect—

(a)until the expiry of the time for bringing an appeal against the conviction or against the suspension; and

(b)if such an appeal is brought, until the appeal has been determined or abandoned..

The Registration of Clubs (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 (NI 23)

5.  In Article 2(2) (interpretation) in the definition of “regulations” after “subject” insert “(except as otherwise provided in this Order)”.

6.  In Article 3(2)(b) (restriction on supply etc. of intoxicating liquor on the premises of a club), after head (i) insert—

(ia)the suspension of the registration; or”.

7.  In Article 16 (register of clubs) in paragraph (2)(e) for “or any disqualification order” substitute “or any suspension or disqualification order”.

8.  In Article 49 (procedure in connection with cancellation and disqualification)—

(a)for the heading substitute “Procedure in connection with suspension, cancellation and disqualification”;

(b)in paragraph (1) for “A court which cancels” substitute “A court which suspends or cancels”;

(c)in paragraph (3)—

(i)for “cancels” substitute “suspends or cancels”;

(ii)after “send notice of the” insert “suspension,”.