Explanatory Memorandum

Wildlife and Natural Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

2011 CHAPTER 15

29 March 2011

Commentary on Sections

Section 38 - Hare coursing

This Section prohibits hare coursing. It will be an offence for anyone to participate in, attend or knowingly facilitate a hare coursing event or permit his land to be used for the purposes of such an event. It will also be an offence for any person to enter or permit a dog to be entered for a hare coursing event, or for any person to control or handle a dog in the course of or for the purposes of a hare coursing event. Additionally, anyone who nets, transports or holds hares for the purpose of a hare coursing event, will also be committing an offence.

A hare coursing event is defined as a competition in which the skill of dogs in hunting hares is assessed.

Any person guilty of an offence relating to hare coursing will be liable on summary conviction to a fine up to a maximum of the standard scale.