SCHEDULE 1The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland

Tenure of office

3.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this paragraph, a person holds and vacates office as the Commissioner in accordance with the terms of that person’s appointment.

(2) An appointment as the Commissioner is for a term of 4 years.

(3) A person who ceases to be the Commissioner on the expiration of that person’s first term of office is eligible for re-appointment, but a person who has been re-appointed by virtue of this sub-paragraph is not eligible for appointment or re-appointment as the Commissioner at any time after the end of that person’s second term of office.

(4) A person may at any time resign from office as the Commissioner by notice to the First Minister and deputy First Minister.

(5) The First Minister and deputy First Minister acting jointly may remove a person from office as the Commissioner if satisfied that that person has—

(a)been convicted of a criminal offence;

(b)become bankrupt or made an arrangement or composition with that person’s creditors;

(c)without reasonable excuse, failed to discharge the functions of the Commissioner for a continuous period of 3 months; or

(d)become unfit or unable to exercise the functions of the Commissioner.