Advice in relation to relief of debt and related matters

4.—(1) The Department may—

(a)provide advice and information to the public in relation to—

(i)the relief of debt; and

(ii)any related matter which, in the opinion of the Department, may be of benefit to the public;

(b)arrange for the provision by others of such advice and information;

and arrangements under paragraph (b) may include the provision by the Department of financial or other assistance.

(2) The Department may—

(a)undertake research in relation to the matters mentioned in subsection (1)(a);

(b)assist such research carried out by others in any manner it thinks fit, including by the provision of financial assistance.

(3) In this section “financial assistance” means assistance by way of grants or loans on such conditions (including conditions as to repayment) as the Department may determine.