Explanatory Memorandum

Roads (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010

2010 CHAPTER 14

13 August 2010


Events on Roads

10.A number of events are held on roads throughout the year. Many of these are entertainment or sporting events, attracting, in some cases, international competitors and large numbers of spectators. There are also occasions when film production companies may need to have restrictions placed on traffic using a road to enable location filming to take place.

11.From a legislative perspective it was not clear to which authority applications should be submitted for road closures or the restriction of traffic to facilitate such events. As a result, the Department sought specific powers to clarify the situation.

12.In keeping with the Executive’s vision for stronger local government here local councils were consulted about proposals to make them responsible for authorising local events on roads other than motorways. As a result, the Act contains arrangements for authorising certain events on roads, subject to the Department’s consent as road authority.