Work-related activity for claimants of employment and support allowance

Power to direct claimant to undertake specific work-related activity

10.  In section 15 of the Welfare Reform Act (directions about work-related activity), for subsections (1) and (2) substitute—

(1) In prescribed circumstances, the Department or the Department for Employment and Learning may by direction given to a person subject to a requirement imposed under section 13(1) provide that the activity specified in the direction is—

(a)to be the only activity which, in the person’s case, is to be regarded as being work-related activity; or

(b)to be regarded, in the person’s case, as not being work-related activity.

(1A) But a direction under subsection (1) may not specify medical or surgical treatment as the only activity which, in any person’s case, is to be regarded as being work-related activity.

(2) A direction under subsection (1) given to any person—

(a)must be reasonable, having regard to the person’s circumstances;

(b)must be given to the person by being included in an action plan provided to the person under section 14; and

(c)may be varied or revoked by a subsequent direction under subsection (1)..