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Further provisions as to the making of building regulations, etc.N.I.

4  In Article 5 of the principal Order (further provisions as to the making of building regulations, etc.)—

(a)in paragraph (1), sub-paragraph (b) ceases to have effect;

(b)in paragraph (1), in sub-paragraph (c)—

(i)for “a document” substitute “ guidance ”;

(ii)for the words from “by or on behalf of the Department or any other person” to the end of that sub-paragraph substitute “ by the Department in accordance with Article 5A; ”;

(c)in paragraph (5) for the words from “having regard to” to the end of that paragraph substitute

having regard to the need to—

(a)secure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in or about buildings and of others who may be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings;

(b)further the conservation of fuel and power;

(c)further the protection and enhancement of the environment; and

(d)promote sustainable development..

Commencement Information

I1S. 4 partly in operation; s. 4 not in operation at Royal Assent see s. 15; s. 4(c) in operation at 31.8.2009 by S.R. 2009/272, art. 2

I2S. 4(a) in operation at 31.10.2012 by S.R. 2012/186, art. 3

I3S. 4(b) in operation at 15.5.2012 by S.R. 2012/186, art. 2