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The Regional BoardN.I.

Local Commissioning GroupsN.I.

9—(1) The Regional Board shall in accordance with paragraph 7 of Schedule 1 appoint a prescribed number of committees to be called “Local Commissioning Groups”.

(2) Each Local Commissioning Group shall exercise its functions as regards such area of Northern Ireland as may be prescribed.

(3) Each Local Commissioning Group shall exercise—

(a)such functions with respect to the commissioning of health and social care as may be prescribed; and

(b)such other functions as the Regional Board may, with the agreement of the Department, determine.

(4) Each Local Commissioning Group must—

(a)exercise its functions in accordance with any scheme for the time being having effect under Article 18 of the Order of 1972; and

(b)in connection with the exercise of its functions—

(i)work in collaboration with the Regional Agency and have due regard to any advice or information provided by it; and

(ii)undertake such consultation as the Department may direct.

(5) Each Local Commissioning Group must exercise its functions with the aim of—

(a)improving the health and social well-being of people in the area as regards which the Local Commissioning Group exercises its functions;

(b)planning and commissioning health and social care to meet the needs of people in that area;

(c)securing the delivery to people in that area of health and social care that is efficient, co-ordinated and cost-effective;

(d)improving the availability and quality of health and social care in that area.

(6) Regulations may—

(a)make provision for the membership of Local Commissioning Groups;

(b)modify the application of paragraphs 7 to 11 of Schedule 1 in relation to those Groups;

(c)make such further provision in relation to those Groups as the Department considers appropriate.

(7) Before making regulations under subsection (6), the Department must consult the Regional Board.

Commencement Information

I1S. 9 wholly in operation at 1.4.2009; s. 9 in operation for certain purposes at Royal Assent see s. 34(2)(b); s. 9 in operation at 1.4.2009 insofar as not already in operation by S.R. 2009/114, art. 2