Mesothelioma lump sum payments

Appeal to Social Security Commissioner

6.—(1) An appeal may be made to a Commissioner against any decision of an appeal tribunal under section 5 on the ground that the decision was erroneous in point of law.

(2) An appeal under this section may be made by—

(a)the Department, or

(b)the person who brought the appeal under section 5.

(3) Article 15(7) to (13) of the Social Security (Northern Ireland) Order 1998 (NI 10) applies to an appeal under this section as it applies to an appeal under Article 15 of that Order (reading references to a tribunal as references to an appeal tribunal constituted as mentioned in section 5(2)).

(4) In this section “Commissioner” has the meaning given by section 167(1) of the Social Security Administration (Northern Ireland) Act 1992 (c. 8).