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General interpretationN.I.

25.—(1) In this Act—

(2) References in this Act to premises include references to their curtilages.

(3) In this Act “street” includes—

(a)any road or footpath within the meaning of Article 2(2) of the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 (NI 18);

(b)any public place within the meaning of subsection (4); and

(c)any part of a street.

(4) In subsection (3) “public place” means a place in the open air within 10 metres of a road or footpath—

(a)to which the public has access without payment, but

(b)which is not within enclosed premises or the curtilage of a dwelling.

S. 26—Amendments

Transitional provisions and savingN.I.

27.—(1) Any existing licence in force immediately before the day appointed for the coming into operation of this Act—

(a)shall on and after that day be deemed to be a street trading licence granted by the council for the district in which the holder of the existing licence is authorised to trade, and

(b)shall remain in force, unless revoked, until 31st December next following that day.

(2) In subsection (1) “existing licence” means a licence under the Street Trading (Regulation) Act (Northern Ireland) 1929 (c. 9).

(3) Nothing in this Act shall affect section 13 of the Markets and Fairs Clauses Act 1847 (c. 14) (sales elsewhere than in markets or in shops, &c., prohibited) as applied by any other statutory provision.

S. 28—Repeals


29.—(1) This Act, except this section and section 30, shall come into operation on such day as the Department may by order appointF1.

(2) An order under subsection (1) may make such transitional provision as appears to the Department to be necessary or expedient in connection with the provisions brought into operation by the order.

F1fully exercised by SR 2001/164

Short titleN.I.

30.  This Act may be cited as the Street Trading Act (Northern Ireland) 2001.