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Codes of practiceN.I.

Codes of practiceN.I.

9.—(1) The Council shall prepare and from time to time publish codes of practice laying down—

(a)standards of conduct and practice expected of social care workers; and

(b)standards of conduct and practice in relation to social care workers, being standards expected of persons employing or seeking to employ them.

(2) The Council shall—

(a)keep the codes under review; and

(b)vary their provisions whenever it considers it appropriate to do so.

(3) Before issuing or varying a code, the Council shall consult any persons it considers appropriate to consult.

(4) A code published by the Council shall be taken into account—

(a)by the Council in making a decision under this Part; and

(b)in any proceedings on an appeal against such a decision.

(5) A public body making any decision about the conduct of any social care worker employed by it shall, unless the Department otherwise directs, take into account any code published by the Council.

(6) In subsection (5) “public body” means a body established by a statutory provision.

(7) Any person who asks the Council for a copy of a code shall be entitled to have one.