Explanatory Memorandum

Defective Premises (Landlord's Liability) (Northern Ireland) 2001

2001 CHAPTER 10

2 July 2001

Options Considered

11.Three options were considered: no change to the present law, abolition and repeal of the law in Cavalier -v- Pope or adopting the limited measure of reform which extends the liability of a landlord.

12.The first option was not recommended by the Committee or the majority of consultees who favoured reform; social conditions have evolved significantly in Northern Ireland since the decision was made in 1975 not to incorporate section 4 of the Defective Premises Act into our law. The second option was considered to be too radical a step and could have more serious cost implications. The third option was largely welcomed by consultees and was the preferred option of the Committee which considered it to represent a rational development of the existing law.