Commentary on Sections

Part 4: General

Section 31 - General interpretation

59.Subsection (1) defines terms used in the Measure. Subsection (2) provides that the Measure is to be read as one with the Education Act 1996. This means that the definitions in that Act are to be read across into this Measure, and the general provisions in that Act apply to the Measure. For example the “education functions” of a local authority are set out in Schedule 36A to the Education Act 1996, and that definition therefore applies to the term when used in this Measure. The definitions set out in the Measure take precedence over any used in the Education Act 1996 if there is a difference in meaning (subsection (3)).

Section 32 - Orders and regulations

60.This section provides for orders and regulations under the Measure to be made by statutory instrument and sets out the Assembly procedures in respect of these instruments.

Section 33 – Commencement

61.This section makes provision about commencement. Sections 25 to 33 come into force two months after the Measure is approved by Her Majesty in Council. The other provisions of the Measure will be brought into force by order made by the Welsh Ministers.

Section 34 - Short title and inclusion of Measure within the Education Acts

62.Subsection (1) provides that the title of this Measure is the Education (Wales) Measure 2011. This Measure is to be included in the list of Education Acts set out in section 578 of the Education Act 1996 (subsection (2)). Any reference in legislation to “the Education Acts” will include a reference to this Measure.