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9Power of entryW

After section 14H of the Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 insert—

14IPower of entry

(1)This section applies to—

(a)a vehicle or any premises owned or controlled by a relevant body;

(b)a vehicle or premises falling within subsection (2).

(2)A vehicle or premises falling within this subsection are those—

(a)which are used, or proposed to be used, by any person in connection with the provision of learner transport provided or otherwise secured by a relevant body, or

(b)which an inspector reasonably believes to be so used, or proposed to be so used.

(3)An inspector may at any reasonable time—

(a)detain a vehicle;

(b)enter a vehicle or premises.

(4)But the power in subsection (3) does not include the power to enter premises used wholly or mainly as a private dwelling.

(5)An inspector exercising any power conferred under subsection (3) or section 14J must, if so required, produce some duly authenticated document showing the inspector's authority to do so..