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After section 14M of the Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 insert—

14NInterpretation of sections 14A to 14K

(1)This section applies for the purposes of sections 14A to 14K.

(2)Each of the following is a “relevant body”—

(a)a local authority;

(b)a governing body of a maintained school.

(3)Learner transport” means transport to facilitate the attendance of a child at any relevant place where he or she receives education or training; but it does not include transport provided for the purpose of travel during the day between relevant places or between different sites of the same institution.

(4)The act of making any of the following arrangements is not to be considered, by itself, as providing or otherwise securing the provision of learner transport.

(5)The arrangements mentioned in subsection (4) are—

(a)arrangements to pay the whole or any part of a person's reasonable travelling expenses;

(b)arrangements to pay allowances in respect of the use of transport.

(6)The Welsh Ministers may by order amend subsection (3) so as to omit the words from “but it does not include” to the end of the subsection..