134Register of interests

(1)Each relevant office holder must create and maintain a register of interests.

(2)A relevant office holder’s register of interests must include all of his or her registrable interests.

(3)A relevant office holder must produce his or her register of interests in Welsh and in English.

(4)A relevant office holder must keep his or her register of interests up to date.

(5)That includes, but is not limited to, a duty to include a registrable interest in the register of interests within 4 weeks of—

(a)the interest arising, or

(b)the relevant office holder becoming aware of the interest (if that occurs after the interest arises).

135Publication of registers of interests

(1)The Commissioner must—

(a)ensure that a copy of the register of interests of each relevant office holder is available for inspection at the Commissioner’s office, and

(b)ensure that copies of the register of interests of each relevant office holder are made available at such other places and by such other means (including by electronic means) as he or she thinks appropriate.

(2)The Commissioner must ensure that the arrangements for inspecting and gaining access to copies of relevant office holders' registers of interests are published in such a way as to bring those arrangements to the attention of persons whom the Commissioner thinks likely to have an interest in the registers.

(3)The Deputy Commissioner must give the Commissioner—

(a)such copies of the Deputy Commissioner’s register of interests, and

(b)such other assistance,

as the Commissioner may require to enable him or her to comply with the duty under subsection (1).

136Conflicts of interest

(1)A relevant office holder must not exercise a function if he or she has a registrable interest which relates to the exercise of the function.

(2)In a case where subsection (1) prevents the Commissioner from exercising a function, he or she must delegate that function (so far as necessary to enable that exercise of it to be carried out) to—

(a)the Deputy Commissioner, or

(b)another member of the Commissioner’s staff.

(3)In a case where subsection (1) prevents the Deputy Commissioner from exercising a function, the Commissioner must make arrangements for the function to be exercised otherwise than by the Deputy Commissioner.

137Validity of acts

The validity of an act of a relevant office holder is not affected by a failure to comply with any provision of, or made under, this Chapter.


(1)The Welsh Ministers may, by regulations—

(a)specify what interests are registrable interests for the purposes of this Chapter, and

(b)make other provision for the purposes of this Chapter.

(2)Registrable interests may, among other things, include interests of persons with whom relevant office holders have a connection (whether familial, financial or of any other kind).

(3)In this section “interest” means an interest of any kind (including, but not limited to, financial interests, and all activities and occupations).

139Interpretation of this Chapter

In this Chapter—