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Play opportunitiesW

11Local authority duties in respect of play opportunities for childrenW

(1)A local authority must assess the sufficiency of play opportunities in its area for children in accordance with regulations.

(2)Regulations may include provision about—

(a)the matters to be taken into account in assessing sufficiency;

(b)the date by which a first assessment is to be carried out;

(c)frequency of assessments;

(d)review of assessments;

(e)publication of assessments.

(3)A local authority must secure sufficient play opportunities in its area for children, so far as reasonably practicable, having regard to its assessment under subsection (1).

(4)A local authority must—

(a)publish information about play opportunities in the authority's area for children, and

(b)keep the information published up to date.

(5)In performing its duties under this section, a local authority must have regard (among other things)—

(a)to the needs of children who are disabled persons (within the meaning of section 1 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (c. 50);

(b)to the needs of children of different ages.

(6)In this section—

Commencement Information

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I2S. 11(3)(4) in force at 1.7.2014 by S.I. 2014/1606, art. 2(2)


12Participation of children in local authority decision makingW

(1)A local authority must make such arrangements as it considers suitable to promote and facilitate participation by children in decisions of the authority which might affect them.

(2)A local authority must—

(a)publish information about its arrangements under subsection (1), and

(b)keep the information published up to date.

(3)Section 176 of the Education Act 2002 (c. 32) is repealed by this subsection.

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I3S. 12 in force at 31.1.2012 by S.I. 2012/191, art. 5