Request for extension of time to make an application

4.—(1) This regulation applies where a person makes a request to a tribunal for permission to make an application after the end of the period stipulated in the 2004 Act or the 1983 Act as the period within which the application must be made.

(2) A request to which this regulation applies must—

(a)be in writing;

(b)give reasons for the failure to make the application before the end of that period and for any delay since then;

(c)include a statement that the person making the request believes that the facts stated in it are true; and

(d)be dated and signed.

(3) Where a request mentioned in paragraph (1) is made, the applicant must at the same time send the completed application to which the request relates to the tribunal.

(4) A single qualified member of the panel(1) may grant or refuse a request made under paragraph (1).


For the meaning of “single qualified member of the panel” see paragraph 6(2) to (4) of Schedule 13 to the Housing Act 2004.