Endorsement of commercial documents

13.—(1) Where reference is made to a commercial document being endorsed in accordance with this regulation, the document must have attached to it an official certificate stating that—

(a)the products concerned have been produced—

(i)in a production process that has been audited and found to be in compliance with the appropriate requirements in Community animal health legislation and suitable to destroy the foot-and-mouth disease virus; or

(ii)from pre-processed materials that have been certified accordingly; and

(b)provisions are in place to avoid possible recontamination with the foot-and-mouth disease virus after treatment.

(2) The certificate must bear a reference to the Decision, is valid for 30 days, must state the expiry date and is renewable after inspection of the establishment.

(3) In the case of products for retail sale to the final consumer, a consolidated consignment other than fresh meat, minced meat, mechanically separated meat and meat preparations, each of which is eligible for export in accordance with these Regulations, may be exported from an approved establishment accompanied by a commercial document endorsed by the attachment of a copy of an official veterinary certificate that—

(a)confirms that the establishment of export has in place a system to ensure that goods can only be exported if they are traceable to documentary evidence of compliance with these Regulations;

(b)confirms that this system has been audited and found satisfactory;

(c)refers to the Decision;

(d)is valid for 30 days;

(e)states the expiry date; and

(f)is renewable only after the establishment had been audited with satisfactory results.