Information about the establishment

4.  The name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, and electronic mail address (if any) of the establishment.

5.  The description of establishment specified in section 4(8)(a) of the Act in respect of which the applicant seeks to be registered.

6.  The statement of purpose of the establishment.

7.  A statement as to the accommodation, facilities and services which are to be provided by the establishment including the extent and, where appropriate, location of such accommodation, facilities and services.

8.  The date on which the establishment was established or is proposed to be established.

9.  Details of the scale of charges payable by the service users.

10.  In respect of the premises to be used by an establishment—

(a)a description of the premises, including a statement as to whether the premises are purpose-built or have been converted for use as an establishment;

(b)a description of the area in which the premises are located.

11.  In respect of the premises to be used by an establishment, a statement as to whether at the date the application is made the premises are capable of being used for the purpose of—

(a)achieving the aims and objectives set out in the statement of purpose of the establishment; and

(b)providing facilities and services in accordance with the statement referred to in paragraph 7,

without the need for planning permission, building works, or conversion of the premises and, if the premises are not capable of such use at the date the application is made, details of the permission, works or conversion needed.

12.  A statement as to the security arrangements, including arrangements for the purposes of—

(a)safeguarding access to information held by the establishment; and

(b)restricting access from adjacent premises or, when the premises form part of a building, from other parts of the building.

13.  The name and address of any other establishment of a description specified in section 4(8)(a) of the Act in which the applicant has or has had a business or financial interest, or at which he or she is or has been employed, and details of such interest or employment.

14.  Whether any other business is or will be carried on in the same premises as those of the establishment and, if so, details of such business.

Information about staff

15.  In respect of any person, other than the applicant, who works at, or is intended to work at the establishment—

(a)the person’s name, sex and date of birth;

(b)the person’s duties and responsibilities in relation to his or her work.