Contents of certificate

9.  A certificate of registration shall contain the following particulars—

(a)the name, address and telephone number of the appropriate office of the National Assembly;

(b)the name and address of the person who has been registered as the person who carries on the establishment;

(c)where the person is an organisation, the name of the responsible individual;

(d)the name of the person registered as the manager of the establishment;

(e)the description of the establishment by reference to the description of establishment specified in section 4(8)(a) of the Act;

(f)where the registration is subject to any condition, details of the condition including any requirement in the condition as to—

(i)the facilities or services that are to be provided;

(ii)the number of service users for whom accommodation or services may be provided;

(iii)the description of persons to whom facilities or services are to be provided;

(iv)any period of time within which the condition is to be fulfilled;

(v)the number and description of persons to be working at any specified place and time;

(g)the date of registration;

(h)a statement that if an establishment is not carried on in accordance with the relevant requirements and conditions the registration is liable to be cancelled by the National Assembly;

(i)a statement that the certificate relates only to the person to whom it is issued by the National Assembly and is not capable of being transferred to another person.

Return of certificate

10.  If the registration of a person in respect of an establishment is cancelled, the person shall, not later than the day on which the decision or order cancelling the registration takes effect, return the certificate of registration to the National Assembly by—

(a)delivering it to the appropriate office of the National Assembly; or

(b)sending it to the said office by registered post or by recorded delivery.


11.  A failure to comply with regulation 10 shall be an offence.