PART 2Amendments pursuant to the European Communities Act 1972

CHAPTER 1Amendments of primary legislation

Transport Act 1968

14.—(1) Section 98(2A)(1) is amended as follows.

(2) The words from “a vehicle” to the end become paragraph (a).

(3) In that paragraph, for the words from “the relevant Annexes” to the end substitute “the EU Tachographs Regulation (including the relevant Annexes, within the meaning of that section);”.

(4) After that paragraph insert—

(b)a vehicle to which section 97ZA applies and which is installed with recording equipment complying with the AETR (including the relevant Appendices to the Annex, within the meaning of that section).”.


Section 98(2A) was inserted by S.I. 1979/1746 and amended by S.I. 2005/1904.