Amendments in relation to fees for certain applications under the General Permitted Development Order

3.—(1) Regulation 14 of the 2012 Regulations is amended as follows.

(2) In paragraph (1), after sub-paragraph (za) insert—

(zab)for an application under Part 1 of that Schedule relating to development permitted by Class A of that Part (enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a dwellinghouse) which exceeds the limits in paragraph A.1(f) of that Class but is allowed by paragraph A.1(g), £96;

(3) In paragraph (1A), before the words “or (zb)”, insert “, (zab)”.

(4) After paragraph (1A), insert—

(1B) This regulation shall not apply to impose a fee in relation to an application of a type described in paragraph (1)(zab) (“the approval application”) where the local planning authority to whom the approval application is made are satisfied that the application relates solely to operations referred to in sub-paragraph (a) or (b) of regulation 4(1).