PART 5Miscellaneous

Sending or delivering documents

5.1.—(1) Any document required by these Rules to be sent or delivered to any person shall be sent or delivered by any of the following means—

(a)by first class post to the proper address of that person,

(b)by leaving it at the proper address of that person,

(c)by DX

(d)by email.

(2) Subject to paragraph (3) below the proper address shall be the usual or last known address of a person.

(3) The proper address for the President shall be care of the Legal Office of the National Institutions of the Church of England.


5.2.—(1) The President may extend the time limits specified under these Rules.

(2) The time limits may be extended even if the time so specified has expired.

Stay of suspension

5.3.  There shall be no stay of suspension pending the determination of an appeal under these rules to the President.


5.4.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires—

“bishop” means the bishop who imposed the suspension or such other person in episcopal orders who is for the time being authorised to discharge the relevant functions of the bishop;

“President” means the President of Tribunals for the purposes of the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003; and section 4(3) and (4) of that Measure (delegation of functions) applies to the functions of the President under these Rules.

“registrar” means the registrar of the relevant diocese.

Citation and commencement

5.5.—(1) These Rules may be cited as the Suspension Appeals (Churchwardens etc.) Rules 2016.

(2) These Rules shall come into force on such date as the Archbishops of Canterbury and York may jointly appoint, and different dates may be appointed for different rules.