PART 2Amendments to primary legislation

Transport Act 1968

3.  After section 96 insert—

Authorisation of field tests

96A.(1) The Secretary of State may authorise a person to carry out tests (“field tests”) of—

(a)recording equipment that has not been type-approved under Article 13 of the EU Tachographs Regulation (granting of type-approval), or

(b)modifications or additions to recording equipment that has been so approved.

(2) An authorisation is to be in writing.

(3) The Secretary of State may withdraw an authorisation by giving written notice.

(4) An authorisation may contain conditions which may in particular relate to—

(a)the places where and equipment by means of which a field test is, or is to be, carried out;

(b)the procedure to be adopted in carrying out a field test;

(c)the records to be kept and the evidence to be furnished of the carrying out of a field test;

(d)the training of persons for carrying out field tests;

(e)the inspection by or on behalf of the Secretary of State of places where and equipment by means of which field tests are, or are to be, carried out;

(f)the display, at the places where field tests are carried out, of signs indicating that field tests are carried out there by persons approved by the Secretary of State.

(5) The Secretary of State must from time to time publish lists of the persons currently authorised under this section..