Statutory Instruments

2007 No. 922 (C. 36)

Consumer Protection, England and Wales

The Compensation Act 2006 (Commencement No. 3) Order 2007


18th March 2007

The Secretary of State makes the following Order in exercise of the powers conferred by section 16(1) of the Compensation Act 2006(1):


1.  This Order may be cited as the Compensation Act 2006 (Commencement No. 3) Order 2007.

Definition—“the Act”

2.  In this Order, “the Act” means the Compensation Act 2006.

Provisions coming into force on 23rd April 2007

3.  The following provisions of the Act come into force on 23rd April 2007—

(a)subsections (1) and (4) of section 4;

(b)section 7;

(c)subsections (1) to (7) of section 8;

(d)sections 10 and 11.

Signed by the authority of the Secretary of State

Bridget Prentice,

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

Department for Constitutional Affairs

18th March 2007


(This note is not part of the Order)

This Order brings into force, on 23rd April 2007, all the provisions of the Compensation Act 2006 that have not already come into force, other than s. 13(2).


(This note is not part of the Order)

The following provisions of the Act have been brought into force by commencement orders before the date of this Order:

ProvisionDate of commencementSI No
ss. 4(2), (3), (5) and (6)1.12.20062006/3005
ss. 5, 61.12.20062006/3005
s. 8(8)1.12.20062006/3005
s. 91.12.20062006/3005
s. 1223.1.20072007/94
ss. 13(1), (3) and (4)23.1.20072007/94
ss. 14, 151.12.20062006/3005
The Schedule (to any extent to which it did not come into force on Royal Assent)1.12.20062006/3005