Requirement for electrical equipment to be safe etc.

5.—(1) Electrical equipment shall be—


(b)constructed in accordance with principles generally accepted within the member States as constituting good engineering practice in relation to safety matters and in particular shall be designed and constructed to ensure that it is safe when connected to the electricity supply system by providing a level of protection against electric shock which relies on a combination of insulation and the protective earthing conductor contained within the electricity supply system or which achieves that level of protection by other means; and

(c)in conformity with the principal elements of the safety objectives for electrical equipment set out in Schedule 3 to these Regulations.

(2) In determining whether electrical equipment satisfies the requirements of paragraph (1) above, no regard shall be had to any liability of the equipment to cause radio-electrical interference.

(3) In determining whether electrical equipment which—

(a)has previously been supplied to any end user; or

(b)is supplied solely by virtue of its being hired out whether in connection with the supply of other goods and services or otherwise provided that it satisfies the requirements of sub-paragraph (a) above

satisfies the requirements of paragraph 1 above, no regard shall be had to General Condition 1(b) of Schedule 3.