9Action against a person not domiciled in the UK or a Member State etc

(1)This section applies to an action for defamation against a person who is not domiciled—

(a)in the United Kingdom;

(b)in another Member State; or

(c)in a state which is for the time being a contracting party to the Lugano Convention.

(2)A court does not have jurisdiction to hear and determine an action to which this section applies unless the court is satisfied that, of all the places in which the statement complained of has been published, England and Wales is clearly the most appropriate place in which to bring an action in respect of the statement.

(3)The references in subsection (2) to the statement complained of include references to any statement which conveys the same, or substantially the same, imputation as the statement complained of.

(4)For the purposes of this section—

(a)a person is domiciled in the United Kingdom or in another Member State if the person is domiciled there for the purposes of the Brussels Regulation;

(b)a person is domiciled in a state which is a contracting party to the Lugano Convention if the person is domiciled in the state for the purposes of that Convention.

(5)In this section—