SCHEDULE 1Transitional Provisions and Savings

Provisions with respect to certain maintenance agreements

7Where the party chargeable under a maintenance agreement within the meaning of section 13 of this Act died before 17th August 1957, then—

(a)subsection (1) of that section shall not apply to the agreement unless there remained undistributed at that date assets of that party's estate (apart from any property in which he had only a life interest) representing not less than four-fifths of the value of that estate for probate after providing for the discharge of the funeral, testamentary and administrative expenses, debts and liabilities payable thereout (other than any liability arising by virtue of that subsection); and

(b)nothing in that subsection shall render liable to recovery, or impose any liability upon the personal representatives of that party in respect of, any part of that party's estate which had been distributed before that date.

8No right or liability shall attach by virtue of section 13(1) of this Act in respect of any sum payable under a maintenance agreement within the meaning of that section in respect of a period before 17th August 1957.