3Prohibition or restriction on roads in connection with filming

(1)Section 16A of the 1984 Act (prohibition or restriction on roads in connection with certain events) shall apply to the Council, in its capacity as a traffic authority, with the following modifications.

(2)The expressions “relevant event” and “the holding of a relevant event” include the making of a film.

(3)After subsection (2), the following subsection is inserted—

(2A)The traffic authority for a road may at any time by notice restrict or prohibit temporarily the use of the road, or any part of it, by vehicles, or vehicles of any class, or by pedestrians, where it appears to them that it is expedient for the making of a film that the restriction or prohibition should come into force without delay..

(4)The references, in subsections (3), (5) and (7) to (10), to an order under section 16A include references to a notice under subsection (2A) of that section, as inserted by subsection (3) above, and references to the making of such an order include references to the issuing of such a notice.