Section 13

SCHEDULE 3Amendments

1The 1959 Act is amended as follows—

(a)for “member of the Board” in all places substitute “director of the Board” and for any other reference to “member” and “members” in reference to the Board substitute “director” and “directors” respectively;

(b)in the definition of “the bridge” in subsection (2) of section 4 (interpretation) omit “the urban district of” in both places;

(c)in section 63 (list of tolls to be exhibited), omit “this Act” and substitute “by the Humber Bridge Acts 1959 to 2013”;

(d)in section 64 (regulations as to payment of tolls and charges), omit “by this Act”;

(e)in section 68 (exemption from tolls), omit “this Act” in each place where it appears and substitute “the Humber Bridge Acts 1959 to 2013”;

(f)in section 98 (byelaws) at the beginning insert “(1)” and at end insert—

(2)The maximum fine for an offence under any byelaw made under this section is level 3 on the standard scale.; and

(g)in Part II of the Schedule, omit “Section 251 (fines for offences against byelaws)”.

2In subsection (1)(a) of section 2 (interpretation) of the Humber Bridge Act 1971 for “and 1971” substitute “to 2013”.

3In section 6 (further provisions as to agreements) of the Humber Bridge Act 1973 for “1973” substitute “2013”.