3Transfer and continuance of the undertaking

(1)Notwithstanding anything in the 1842 Act, the Commissioners may, on such day as they may by resolution appoint, transfer the undertaking to the Company; and the undertaking shall thereupon vest in the Company including—

(a)all that property vested in the Commissioners which immediately before the appointed day was held by them for the purposes of the undertaking; and

(b)subject to section 8 (release from trusts) and section 9 (repeals) of this Act, all rights, liabilities and obligations of the Commissioners subsisting immediately before the appointed day for the purposes of the undertaking.

(2)Not less than 28 days before the appointed day the Commissioners shall publish in The London Gazette and in at least one local newspaper circulating in St. Austell, a notice containing a copy of the resolution and explaining the effect of the resolution.

(3)Without prejudice to any other powers available to the Company but without imposing any obligation, the Company may hold and maintain St. Austell Market at the Market House and on any other land belonging to or held by the Company from time to time.