Part 3London Cabs and Private Hire Vehicles

London cabs and private hire vehicles: fixed penalties

18Power to amend Schedule 1

(1)The Secretary of State may, after consulting—

(a)the Mayor,

(b)the Greater London Assembly,


(d)every London borough council,

(e)the Common Council of the City of London, and

(f)such bodies or persons as appear to him to be representative of persons who would be affected by the proposed regulations,

by regulations, amend Schedule 1 to this Act by adding a relevant offence to, or removing a relevant offence from, the offences for the time being mentioned in the table set out in that Schedule.

(2)In subsection (1) “relevant offence” means an offence under an enactment regulating hackney carriages or private hire vehicles in London or the drivers, proprietors or operators of such carriages or vehicles.