Part 3Directions to vessels

17Special directions to vessels

(1)In addition to the directions which he may give under section 52 of the Harbours, Docks, and Piers Clauses Act 1847 (c. 27) the harbourmaster may give a direction (“a special direction”) under this section—

(a)requiring any vessel anywhere within the haven or the approaches to it to comply with a requirement made in or under a general direction;

(b)prohibiting the mooring of vessels in any particular part or parts of the haven;

(c)regulating or requiring the movement, mooring or unmooring of a vessel, regulating the manner in which a vessel takes in or discharges cargo, fuel, water or ship’s stores otherwise than at a dock or pier.

(2)A special direction may be given in any manner considered by the harbourmaster to be appropriate.

(3)The harbourmaster may revoke or amend a special direction.