Part IIManagement and regulation of certain lands and waters


(1)The Corporation may make, demand and recover such reasonable charges for services and facilities provided by it at the designated areas as it may from time to time determine.

(2)The services and facilities referred to in subsection (1) above shall include the use by any vessel of any waters comprised in the designated areas.

(3)Nothing in subsection (1) above shall authorise the Corporation—

(a)to make any charge for the use of moorings situated within any part of the designated areas which is owned by or leased to any person other than the Corporation; or

(b)to make any charge for the use in any manner of any part of the waterside by any person by whom that part is owned or leased, other than a reasonable charge in respect of any consent to such use required by this Act or byelaws made under this Act; or

(c)to make any charge for the use of the waters comprised in the designated areas by any vessel used by members of a police force or officers of the fire authority whilst in the exercise of their duties as such.