Section 9.

SCHEDULE 3Purposes for which byelaws may be made

1For regulating the conduct of all persons in the designated areas, not being members of a police force or officers of the fire authority or officers or servants of the Crown or officers of the port authority whilst in the exercise of their duties as such.

2For regulating the use of buildings, parking places and facilities provided by the Corporation.

3To promote the safety of persons in the designated areas.

4For preventing damage or injury to or interference with any part of the designated areas or any property within the designated areas.

5For prevention of nuisances in the designated areas.

6For prohibiting the buying or selling of goods or the carrying on of any other trading activity in the designated areas, either absolutely or except with the consent of the Corporation and in accordance with any conditions (including conditions as to payment) subject to which such consent is given.

7For regulating the movement, use, speed and parking of vehicles within the designated areas.

8For regulating the landing and taking off of helicopters within the designated areas.

9For regulating the entry onto the waterside of horses, ponies, asses or mules and the riding thereon of such animals.

10For requiring dogs to be under proper control on the waterside or on the jetties, and for the prevention of fouling of those areas by dogs.

11For the protection of flora and fauna within the designated areas.

12For prohibiting or regulating the placing of materials or the depositing of litter, rubbish or other substances in the designated areas and making provision for the removal from the designated areas of objects and substances left without lawful authority or abandoned.

13For the control of noise in the designated areas.

14For regulating the playing of games in the designated areas.

15For regulating firework displays or the lighting of fireworks in the designated areas.

16For regulating the holding of exhibitions, festivals, concerts, displays, regattas and other public events in the designated areas.

17For regulating cycling, roller-skating, ice skating, or the use of bicycles, tricycles, scooters, toboggans, pedal cars, soap box carts or any other similar conveyances or devices on the waterside.

18For regulating water skiing, rowing, canoeing, sailing, aqua-planing, wet-biking, windsurfing, kiting or parachute towing or other similar activities in the designated areas and for securing the protection of persons taking part in such activities.

19For prohibiting or regulating diving, swimming and bathing, and for securing the protection of divers, swimmers and bathers, within the waters of the designated areas.

20For regulating fishing for marine creatures of any type and by whatever means within the designated areas.

21To prescribe parts of the designated areas—

(a)where vessels or a specified class of vessels may not moor, anchor or be otherwise secured; or

(b)which vessels of a specified class may not enter.

22For regulating the use within the designated areas of any class of vessels for business or residential purposes.

23For requiring the registration of, or of any class of, pleasure-vessels, for the renewal of registration, for revocation of registration in specified circumstances and for prohibiting the use for navigation of the waters of the designated areas by pleasure-vessels which are not registered with the Corporation.

24For regulating the removal or disposal of rubbish (including ballast, earth or clay or other refuse) and sewage from vessels in the designated areas.

25For regulating within the designated areas the placing, laying down, maintenance and use of moorings and in particular for prohibiting the placing, laying down, maintaining or using of any mooring otherwise than under the authority of a licence granted by the Corporation in accordance with the conditions subject to which it is so granted.

26For controlling, preventing and removing obstructions or impediments within the designated areas.

27For regulating the use in the designated areas of flammable or dangerous substances or of fires, lights or any other equipment, tools or appliances which the Corporation considers involves a risk of fire and for the prevention of smoking.

28For requiring the masters of vessels within the designated areas to take fire precautions and measures to combat fires on or in respect of their vessels.

29To prevent the taking of vessels in the designated areas by unauthorised persons.

30For regulating the carrying out of repairs to vessels in the designated areas, the breaking of or other works on or in respect of vessels in the designated areas or the washing, cleansing or scraping of vessels within the designated areas.

31For regulating vessels in the designated areas and their entry into and departure from the designated areas and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to prescribe rules for regulating the notice to be given to the manager of the arrival at, departure from, or movement within the designated areas of vessels, the speed and manner of navigation and the lights and signals (including sound signals) to be exhibited or made by, or for the benefit of, vessels using, navigating or mooring within the designated areas.

32For requiring notification of, and details of, collisions, accidents and other mishaps involving vessels or vehicles within the designated areas to be given to the manager.

33For prescribing safety precautions to be taken within the designated areas during the fuelling of vessels.

34For requiring the display on vessels within the designated areas of the name or other means of identification thereof.

35For prohibiting the abandonment of vessels in the designated areas and in particular—

(a)for prescribing the circumstances in which vessels shall be deemed to be abandoned;

(b)for making provision for the removal of vessels sunk, stranded or abandoned in the designated areas without lawful authority;

(c)for providing for the recovery of expenses from the owner.

36For requiring the placing and maintenance of buoys or other devices giving warning of the presence of obstructions within the designated areas.