Part III[Section 31.] Temporary working sites

6On the exercise of the powers conferred by paragraph 3 above, the following provisions shall have effect:—

(1)The Board shall not, without the agreement of the owners and occupiers of the designated lands, remain in possession of any part thereof after a period of one year from the completion of the works for which such possession has been taken:

(2)Before giving up possession of the designated lands, the Board shall remove all temporary works or structures and restore the designated lands to the reasonable satisfaction of the owners and occupiers thereof:

(3)The Board shall compensate the owners and occupiers of the designated lands for any loss or damage which may result to them by reason of the exercise of the powers of this Part:

(4)Nothing in this Part shall relieve the Board from liability to compensate under section 6 or 43 of the Act of 1845 or section 10 (2) of the Act of 1965, as incorporated with or applied by this Act, or under any other enactment, in respect of loss or damage arising from the execution of any works, other than loss or damage for which compensation is payable under sub-paragraph (3) above:

(5)Any dispute as to a person’s entitlement to compensation under sub-paragraph (3) above or as to the amount thereof shall be determined by the Tribunal.