Part VMiscellaneous and general

15Power to contract for police

(1)The Executive may from time to time make agreements with the chief officer of police and a police authority for the employment by the Executive of any members of the police establishment of that police authority for police duty within railway premises of the Executive or elsewhere upon the LRT system or any part of the LRT system.

(2)Any such agreement may contain such terms and conditions and provide for such payment or consideration as the Executive shall agree with the police authority.

(3)Where agreement under this section is made with the railways board, members of the British Transport Police Force may act in accordance with the terms of the agreement as constables in, on and in the vicinity of any premises of the Executive notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1) of section 53 (As to the appointment of constables) of the [1949 c. xxix.] British Transport Commission Act 1949.

(4)In this section“police authority” includes—

(a)a police authority within the meaning of the [1964 c. 48.] Police Act 1964; and

(b)the railways board.