Part VMiscellaneous and general

14Powers of disposal, agreements for operation, etc

Section 28 (Powers of disposal, agreements for operation, etc.) of the Act of 1989 shall be amended by the insertion at the end of the section of the following:—

(7)Notwithstanding section 9A (8) of the [1968 c. 73.] Transport Act of 1968 (which, inter alia, provides that members of the Executive appointed after the coming into operation of that section shall not be directors of any company which is the operator of any public passenger transport services or a member of a group which includes such an operator), a member of the Executive, whether or not appointed as such a member before the coming into force of section 9A, may be a director of any company or other body corporate with which an agreement for the operation of the LRT system is entered into under this section..