Part IIWorks, etc.

General works provisions

16Temporary stoppage of highways

(1)The Board, during and for the purpose of the execution of the authorised works, may temporarily stop up and divert and interfere with any highway and may for any reasonable time divert the traffic therefrom and prevent all persons other than those going bona fide to any land, house or building abutting on the highway from passing along and using the same.

(2)The Board shall provide reasonable access for persons on foot going bona fide to any such land, house or building.

(3)(a)The Board shall not exercise the powers of this section without the consent of the highway authority.

(b)Any such consent may be given subject to such reasonable conditions as the highway authority may require but shall not be unreasonably withheld and any question whether such consent has been unreasonably withheld, or whether any such condition is reasonable, shall be referred to and settled by arbitration.