14Power to acquire land

(1)In addition to the powers conferred upon the Company by the Act of 1862 the Company may by agreement acquire (whether by purchase, lease or exchange) and hold any land which in their opinion it is desirable that they should acquire for or in connection with any of the purposes of the undertaking.

(2)Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) above the Company may acquire land for the purpose of erecting houses and other buildings thereon for the use of persons employed by them for the purposes of the undertaking.

(3)The Lands Clauses Acts except the provisions relating to the acquisition of land otherwise than by agreement and the provisions relating to access to the special Act and except sections 99 to 107 and sections 127 to 132 of the [1845 c. 18.] Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 are hereby incorporated with the foregoing provisions of this section and in construing those Acts those provisions shall be deemed to be the special Act and the word “land” shall be deemed to include any interest in land and any easement or right in, to or over land.