SCHEDULE 2Past service scheme: pensions and lump sum payments

PART 1Retirement at or above retiring age

Service of 37 years or more

2(1)This paragraph applies where the member’s qualifying period of pensionable service to which the past service scheme applies is at least 37 years of whole-time service.

(2)If the member has not at any time in that period held the office of archbishop, diocesan bishop, suffragan bishop, dean, provost or archdeacon, the rate of pension is the full basic pension.

(3)If the member has at any time in that period held an office referred to in sub-paragraph (2), the rate of pension is calculated by multiplying the full basic pension by the multiple in the following Table that is applicable to that office—

Bishop of London1.8
Diocesan bishop (other than the Bishop of London)1.5
Suffragan bishop, dean, provost or archdeacon1.25

(4)If the member has held more than one of those offices, the multiple to be used in the calculation under sub-paragraph (3) is the higher or highest applicable to the offices which he or she has held.

(5)The amount of the lump sum payment, where the member becomes entitled to it after the commencement of this Schedule, is three times the full basic pension.

(6)“Full basic pension” means two-thirds of the national minimum stipend for the year preceding that in which payment of the pension begins.

(7)The “national minimum stipend” for a year is the amount which the Archbishops’ Council specifies in its annual report as the amount which it recommends as the national minimum for that year for the stipends of clergy of incumbent status.

(8)The references in this paragraph to the office of dean do not include a reference to the office of dean of the cathedral church of the diocese of Sodor and Man.