8Pre-consolidation amendments

(1)The Archbishops’ Council may by order make such amendments of the enactments relating to a particular area of ecclesiastical law as it considers would facilitate, or would otherwise be desirable in connection with, the consolidation of any of those enactments.

(2)An order under this section may include provision which has retrospective effect in so far as the purpose of the provision is—

(a)to remove a doubt, or

(b)to remove an anomaly not of substantial importance.

(3)An order under this section must be laid before the General Synod.

(4)An order under this section does not come into force unless—

(a)it is approved by the General Synod, whether with or without amendment, and

(b)a Measure is passed consolidating the enactments amended by the order (with or without other enactments relating to the area of law concerned).

(5)If such a Measure is passed, the order is, by virtue of this subsection, to come into force immediately before the Measure comes into force.

(6)If the Business Committee of the General Synod decides that the Synod does not need to debate an order under this section, the order is deemed to be approved by the Synod unless notice is given by a member of the Synod in accordance with its Standing Orders that—

(a)the member wishes the order to be debated, or

(b)the member wishes to move an amendment to the order.