Legislative burdens

7Decision by General Synod

(1)Where the committee established under section 6 has considered a draft order referred to it and reported to the General Synod on the draft order, the Synod—

(a)may approve the draft order with such amendments as the committee has made to it,

(b)may reject the draft order, or

(c)may refer the draft order back to the committee.

(2)Where a draft order is referred back to the committee under subsection (1)(c), the Standing Orders of the General Synod are to apply to the draft order as if it were a draft order being referred to the committee for the first time.

(3)The Standing Orders may include provision for giving further effect to subsections (1) and (2).

(4)Where a draft order is approved by the General Synod under subsection (1)(a), the Archbishops’ Council may make an order under section 1 in the form of the approved draft; and the Council does so by applying its seal.