Part IIProvincial and diocesan structure

Change of name of see

11Change of name of see

(1)Without prejudice to any other powers of Her Majesty in Council in relation to sees, Her Majesty in Council, on receipt of a petition from the bishop of the diocese concerned under this section, shall have power to change the name of any diocesan or suffragan see.

(2)Before submitting a petition under subsection (1) above, the bishop shall first consult the Commission and obtain the approval of the diocesan synod of the diocese concerned and shall then, if he decides to proceed with the petition, lay the petition, together with a report thereon from the Commission, before the General Synod for its approval.

(3)Where the Business Committee of the General Synod determines that any such petition does not need to be debated by the Synod, then, unless notice is given by a member of the Synod in accordance with its Standing Orders that that member wishes the petition to be debated, the petition shall for the purposes of subsection (2) above be deemed to have been approved by the Synod.

(4)Where the petition is approved by the General Synod the bishop of the diocese may forward it to Her Majesty in Council.