SCHEDULE 5Amendment of Pastoral Measure 1983

12Section 64 of the 1983 Measure shall be amended as follows—

(a)For subsection (1) there shall be substituted the following subsection—

(1)Where a pastoral church buildings scheme or pastoral (church buildings disposal) scheme makes provision for a church or part of a church to be demolished or appropriated to any use specified or described in the scheme the bishop shall, unless the scheme makes other provision, give directions as to how the font, communion table and plate used for the purpose of Holy Communion shall be dealt with but, if the church or part thereof is so demolished or appropriated before any such directions are given or fully implemented, the diocesan board of finance shall, subject to any provision of the scheme, be responsible for the care, maintenance and safeguarding of any such items.; and

(b)after subsection (2) there shall be inserted the following subsection—

(2A)Where any items are disposed of in accordance with subsection (1) or (2) above the bishop shall, subject to any provision of the scheme, give directions as to how any proceeds of their sale are to be applied..