Part IMiscellaneous Provisions


(1)During the vacancy of a benefice and otherwise where the profits of a benefice are to be sequestered, the churchwardens of every parish comprised in the benefice and the rural dean and such other person as the bishop of the diocese concerned may appoint, if he considers it desirable to do so, shall be the sequestrators of the benefice, and any rule of law requiring the bishop of the diocese concerned to issue a writ of sequestration on a benefice becoming vacant shall cease to have effect.

(2)A writ of sequestration in respect of the profits of a benefice shall not be issued by any court—

(a)for the purpose of obtaining satisfaction of a debt owed by the incumbent of the benefice; or

(b)by reason of the bankruptcy of the incumbent; or

(c)for the purpose of applying the profits where the incumbent is unable by reason of age or infirmity of mind or body to discharge adequately the duties attaching to the benefice.