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7 Repeal of s. 13 of Burnley Rectory Act 1890.U.K.

Notwithstanding anything in section 13 of the M1Burnley Rectory Act 1890 (which in effect provides for the see of the suffragan bishop of Burnley and the rectory of Burnley to be held together by the same person), the incumbent of the benefice consisting of the rectory of Burnley in the diocese of Blackburn may resign that benefice without resigning the office of suffragan bishop of Burnley, and on the date on which that benefice first becomes vacant after the commencement of this Measure the said section 13, and section 13 of the M2Bishopric of Blackburn Measure 1923 (which amended the said section 13), shall be repealed.

Marginal Citations

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