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Part IIIE Institution of Proceedings in respect of Offences under the Measure

18 Mode of instituting proceedings.E

(1)Proceedings charging an offence under this Measure shall be instituted in the case of an archbishop or a bishop by way of complaint laid before the registrar of the relevant province and in the case of a priest or deacon by way of complaint laid before the registrar of any diocese in which the accused held or holds preferment or in which he resided or resides at the date when the alleged offence was committed or at the date of such complaint.

(2)A complaint laid in accordance with the provisions of the preceding subsection shall be in writing in the prescribed form, contain the prescribed particulars of the offence the commission of which is alleged therein and be verified on oath.

(3)A copy of the complaint duly laid and verified shall be served on the accused forthwith after it is laid.