PART IIPresentation and Composition of Feeding Stuffs

Confidential information relating to additives under the 2000 Regulations

21.—(1) Notwithstanding the revocations in regulation 7, no person shall publish or disclose any confidential information that was, prior to the coming into force of these Regulations, obtained under regulation 11 of the 2000 Regulations, otherwise than in accordance with the performance of that person’s functions, without the previous consent in writing of–

(a)the person who, in accordance with that regulation, made an application for a Community authorisation of, or as the case may be, for a new use of, the additive concerned, or

(b)that person’s assignee or successor to ownership of the confidential information.

(2) In this regulation “confidential information” means information which, if disseminated, could affect industrial and commercial property rights, but excluding information relating to–

(i)the name and composition of the additive;

(ii)the physico chemical and biological characteristics of the additive;

(iii)the interpretation of the pharmacological, toxicological and ecotoxicological data relating to the additive;

(iv)the analytical methods for monitoring the additive itself and the additive in premixtures, in the feedingstuffs and, where appropriate, in feed materials;

(v)the methods for testing for residues of the additive or metabolities thereof in animal products.